Residential Humidifiers

Residential Steam Humidifiers | Pure and Sterile Steam Humidification & Healthy and Clean Home


Pure and Sterile Steam Humidification

RH2NT-Series Residential Humidifiers are loaded with state-of-the-art technology features, to remove calcium and minerals from the water used so only clean, pure steam is added to indoor environment, making the air in your home healthier to breath.


Studies show right indoor humidity levels minimize the spread of bacteria and viruses avoiding the problems associated with dry throats and nasal passages during the winter season while also keeping your skin supple. A humidity level above 40%RH combats airborne infection by reducing the quantity of microbes in the air and inhibiting their infectious capability.

RH2NT-Series In-Duct Product Range:

- RHDuctNT, Duct Residential Humidifier
Steam Output: 10 lb/h
Effective Volume: 35,000 cu.ft

RH2NT-Series Direct Room Product Range:

- RHSpaceNT, Space Residential Humidifier
Steam Output: 8 lb/h
Effective Volume: 28,000 cu.ft