Pool & Spa Dehumidifiers


Condensation and Frost Prevention

When cold surfaces are surrounded by moist air, water vapor will condense on the surface. This effect, known as “sweating,” causes serious operational problems in indoor pools, spas, saunas, locker rooms and fitness centers.

Pool&Spa-Series, Swimming Pool and Spa Dehumidifiers provide the adequate humidity control to clear the air in damp interior spaces preventing condensation in windows, walls and ceilings thus ensuring indoor air quality and comfort for occupants.

Pool&Spa-Series Products
- PD200EI, Pool & Spa Dehumidifier 190 Pints
Effective Volume 21,188 Cubic Feet
- PD120EI, Pool & Spa Dehumidifier 120 Pints
Effective Volume 10,594 Cubic Feet
- WM150EI, Pool & Spa Dehumidifier 71 Pints
Effective Volume 10,594 Cubic Feet
- WM80EI, Pool & Spa Dehumidifier 62 Pints
Effective Volume 8,369 Cubic Feet

Pool&Spa-Series Accessories

- VCTSR, Voltage Converters