Industrial Dehumidifiers


Industrial Dehumidification

IDHD-Series Industrial Dehumidifiers reduce the relative humidity in the industrial site air to protect your manufacturing process.  Since the ability of air to hold moisture decreases with decreasing temperature, the moisture in the air condenses as it passes through a cooling coil in the dehumidifier unit. Condensate collects on the cold coil surface and is then drained away and dryer cool air remains. The air then passes through a reheat coil to bring it back to ambient temperature or above and is then forced into manufacturing site.


IDHD-Series Industrial Dehumidifiers can easily achieve dew point temperatures of 40°F - 45°F (4.4°C – 6.6°C), which allow cooled surfaces in the manufacturing site to operate at temperatures above this without fear of condensing moisture.

IDHD-Series Products
- ID0950HD, Industrial Dehumidifier 950 Liters
Effective Volume 301,901 Cubic Feet
- ID0750HD, Industrial Dehumidifier 750 Liters
Effective Volume 238,343 Cubic Feet
- ID0580HD, Industrial Dehumidifier 580 Liters
Effective Volume 184,318 Cubic Feet
- ID0450HD, Industrial Dehumidifier 450 Liters
Effective Volume 143,006 Cubic Feet
- ID0350HD, Industrial Dehumidifier 350 Liters
Effective Volume 111,227 Cubic Feet
- ID0300HD, Industrial Dehumidifier 300 Liters
Effective Volume 95,337 Cubic Feet
- ID0260HD, Industrial Dehumidifier 260 Liters
Effective Volume 82,625 Cubic Feet
- ID0210HD, Industrial Dehumidifier 210 Liters
Effective Volume 66,736 Cubic Feet
- ID0190HD, Industrial Dehumidifier 190 Liters
Effective Volume 60,380 Cubic Feet
- ID0160HD, Industrial Dehumidifier 160 Liters
Effective Volume 50,846 Cubic Feet
- ID0130HD, Industrial Dehumidifier 130 Liters
Effective Volume 41,313 Cubic Feet

IDHD-Series Accessories
- MHHD, Mechanical Humidistat HD
- RUTHD, Remote User Terminal HD
- ECCHD, Communication Card HD
- ERFHD, Electronic Radial Fans HD
- FHFHD, Filter Holding Frames HD
- HGDHD, Hot Gas Defrost HD
- PHCHD, Post-Heating Coils HD