Indoor Pool Dehumidifiers


Indoor Humidity and Condensation Control

The DDSHD-Series Indoor Pool Dehumidifiers are completely autonomous, the Advanced Control on board reads ambient humidity and activates the dehumidification process when necessary, providing adequate humidity control and preventing condensation on windows, walls and ceilings in indoor swimming pools.

Even when DDSHD-Series Dehumidifiers have been designed for swimming pool applications, the technical features of these units make them suitable also for many different applications, such as museums, archives, libraries, cellars, warehouses and, in general, for ambiences where condensate and humidity can damage structures, products, or create discomfort.

DDSHD-Series Products
- DDS230HD, Indoor Pool Dehumidifier 485 Pints
Effective Volume 40,607 Cubic Feet
- DDS210HD, Indoor Pool Dehumidifier 445 Pints
Effective Volume 37,076 Cubic Feet
- DDS190HD, Indoor Pool Dehumidifier 400 Pints
Effective Volume 33,545 Cubic Feet
- DDS160HD, Indoor Pool Dehumidifier 335 Pints
Effective Volume 28,248 Cubic Feet
- DDS100HD, Indoor Pool Dehumidifier 210 Pints
Effective Volume 17,655 Cubic Feet
- DDS090HD, Indoor Pool Dehumidifier 190 Pints
Effective Volume 15,890 Cubic Feet
- DDS070HD, Indoor Pool Dehumidifier 145 Pints
Effective Volume 12,359 Cubic Feet
- DDS060HD, Indoor Pool Dehumidifier 125 Pints
Effective Volume 10,593 Cubic Feet
- DDS050HD, Indoor Pool Dehumidifier 105 Pints
Effective Volume 8,828 Cubic Feet
- DDS040HD, Indoor Pool Dehumidifier 85 Pints
Effective Volume 7,062 Cubic Feet

DDSHD-Series Accessories

- RDKHD, Remote Display Kit HD
- AHCHD, Air Heating Coils HD