Ducted Dehumidifiers


Mold Fungus Prevention

We are surrounded by mold and fungus. Without moisture they can lay dormant for years and remain harmless, but when moisture is added, fungi begin to grow. Fungi feed on any carbon-based material and when they become airborne, they are often harmful to humans. As they feed, fungi can damage buildings, materials, products and objects.

DuctDry-Series Ducted Dehumidifiers are used to control the moisture content of the air which surrounds buildings, materials, products or objects to be protected causing the micro-organisms to remain dormant.

DuctDry-Series Products
- DR120A, Ducted Dehumidifier 120 Pints
Effective Area 3,500 Square Feet
- DR90A, Ducted Dehumidifier 90 Pints
Effective Area 2,800 Square Feet
- DR65A, Ducted Dehumidifier 65 Pints
Effective Area 1,800 Square Feet

DuctDry-Series Accessories
- H6062A, Digital Humidity Control
- H46C, Mechanical Humidity Control
- VCTSR, Voltage Converters
- BADSP, Backdraft Air Dampers
- RAFHW, Replacement Air Filters

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