Ducted Dehumidifiers

Ducted Whole-House Dehumidifiers | Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems & Integrated Dehumidification


Integrated Dehumidification

DuctDry-Series Ducted Dehumidifiers are designed to maintain proper humidity levels. Lower humidity levels feel more comfortable, and safeguard against problems from excess moisture such as mold, mildew, warped wood, peeling of paint, or musty odors.

Ducted Dehumidifiers remove moisture directly from your heating and cooling system, with quiet and efficient operation; less moisture reduces the strain on your air conditioner and allows you to run your system less, that means you can save energy and save money on energy cost.

DuctDry-Series Product Range:

- DR65A, Ducted Dehumidifier
Moisture Removal: 65 ppd
Effective Area: 1,800 sq.ft
- DR90A, Ducted Dehumidifier
Moisture Removal: 90 ppd
Effective Area: 2,800 sq.ft
- DR120A, Ducted Dehumidifier
Moisture Removal: 120 ppd
Effective Area: 3,500 sq.ft