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Duct Steam Humidifiers | Affordable Humidification & Healthy and Clean Indoor Environment


Affordable Humidification

The HM750A is the most affordable Duct Steam Humidifier available and provides a healthy and clean indoor environment for homes and buildings. The HM750A-Series Humidification System is designed for connection directly to a supply air duct for Humidity on demand. The unit may be directly mounted to the air duct, or remotely from the air duct, with a steam hose connecting the humidifier to a distributor nozzle installed at the air duct.

We are all able to tell whether an indoor environment is hot or cold the moment we enter it, but perceiving whether air has a low Humidity level is not as obvious to us. Our senses are not so refined as to "feel" the moisture content of the air we breathe into our lungs or which touches our skin. However, the direct and indirect effects of dry air on our health are significant. Prolonged exposure to a low Humidity levels can result in health problems for many organs (brain, kidneys, circulation, skin and eyes) and reduced resistance against chronic and acute airborne pollution, respiratory infections and allergies. 40 to 60% Relative Humidity is the ideal condition for our overall wellness, the efficient functioning of our respiratory immune system and the prevention of spreading airborne microbes and pollutants throughout homes and buildings.

HM750-Series Product Range:

- HM750A, Duct Humidifier
Steam Output: 22 gpd
Effective Volume: 24,000 cu.ft