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Data Center Dehumidifiers


Precision Humidity Control

The demand for data centers is growing rapidly now in digital economy; keep these facilities operational 24/7 365 days a year require a precise humidity control system. High humidity levels cause damages in the electronic components and corrosion in the cabinets and racks; relative humidity must be kept between 40% to 55% all time both in summer and winter.

DataDry-Series, Data Center Dehumidifiers provide a precise humidity control with the reliable operation demanded for critical infrastructure such as data centers, server rooms, telecommunication shelters and medical diagnostic rooms.

DataDry-Series Products
- K100, Data Center Dehumidifier 97 Pints
Effective Volume 10,594 Cubic Feet
- CS90, Data Center Dehumidifier 70 Pints
Effective Volume 8,369 Cubic Feet
- CS60, Data Center Dehumidifier 56 Pints
Effective Volume 8,369 Cubic Feet

DataDry-Series Accessories

- VCTSR, Voltage Converters