Ceiling Mounted Dehumidifiers


Ducted Dehumidifiers

DOSHD-Series Ceiling Mounted Dehumidifiers are designed for use in wet environments such as museums, libraries, archives, cellars and swimming pools where a ducted unit for under ceiling installation is required. The DOSHD-Series have available 7 models, from 70 up to 230 liters per day moisture removal.

The DOSHD-Series Dehumidifiers are completely autonomous in the management of humidity and ambient temperature, the probes are supplied on board as standard and the control manages the compressor and the heating coil, if supplied.

DOSHD-Series Products
- DOS230HD, Ceiling Mounted Dehumidifier 230 Liters
Effective Volume 73,092 Cubic Feet
- DOS210HD, Ceiling Mounted Dehumidifier 210 Liters
Effective Volume 66,736 Cubic Feet
- DOS190HD, Ceiling Mounted Dehumidifier 190 Liters
Effective Volume 60,380 Cubic Feet
- DOS160HD, Ceiling Mounted Dehumidifier 160 Liters
Effective Volume 50,845 Cubic Feet
- DOS100HD, Ceiling Mounted Dehumidifier 100 Liters
Effective Volume 31,780 Cubic Feet
- DOS090HD, Ceiling Mounted Dehumidifier 90 Liters
Effective Volume 28,600 Cubic Feet
- DOS070HD, Ceiling Mounted Dehumidifier 70 Liters
Effective Volume 22,245 Cubic Feet

DOSHD-Series Accessories
- DCKHD, Display Cable Kit HD
- RAFHD, Replacement Air Filters HD
- DAKHD, Duct Adapter Kit HD